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The Chloe Faye Bag was first released in the Spring Summer 2015 Collection and it came right after the success of the Drew Bag. Just like the previous ‘IT Bags’, the Faye became one of the most popular handbags among bloggers and celebrities. Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad, Chrissy Teigen and Eva Longoria were spotted carrying it not long after the bag hits the stores.

The Chloe Faye Bag was one of the last releases before the creative director Waight Keller left the company in 2017. The Faye Bag is still trending today and the line has even extended to the mini bag and other small leather accessories like wallets.

The Design


The design of the Chloe Faye Bag is inspired by the spirit of the 70’s, which is also the decade when Chloe became one of the symbolic brands in the fashion world. Just like most of Chloe’s bag designs, the Faye is also a stunning casual chic handbag that matches perfectly with a winter coat. The size is also formidable larger than the Drew Bag and can store more essentials; making it an ideal bag to use for work.

While the leather is gorgeous, the focus lies in the centerpiece. Just right below the front flap, the Faye Bag is made with a large loop attached to the chain, which then is attached to the side. And whether the hardware is gold or silver, it’s shiny enough to attract plenty of attentions.

The shape of the bag depends on the size you choose; the medium sizes are crafted in trapezoid shape while the small size comes in squared shape. Both come with long shoulder strap to carry on your shoulder or cross body.

The Sizes


From Left To Right: Wallet On Chain, Small, Medium

The measurements:
Chloe Faye Wallet On Chain: 19 x 10 x 3 (W x H x D) cm
Chloe Small Faye Bag: 24 x 15 x 6 (W x H x D) cm
Chloe Medium Faye Bag: 32 x 25 x 10 (W x H x D) cm

For now, the Chloe Faye Bag is available in small and medium size. Even tough the important components are the same like the large loop, the shape and the interior is different. The small size is much smaller than the medium size. And while the medium size is ideal to wear for work, the small size is perfect whenever you don’t need to carry too many stuff.

The Leathers


From Left To Right: Goatskin, Part Suede And Calfskin

The Chloe Faye Bag is usually made with single colors and part suede/part leather. The part suede and part leather creates the most interesting look, because suede makes the color brighter and the leather makes the color sharper. Together with the big loop in shiny hardware, you can be certain that it’s a statement maker. For the single colors, the most popular leather available is goatskin.

The Colors


From Left To Right: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Pink


From Left To Right: Burgundy, Green, Orange, Light Grey


From Left To Right; Part Suede & Part Leather Line: Black, Blue, Grey


From Left To Right; Part Suede & Part Leather Line: Brown, Orange, Red

There is never lack in colors at Chloe, but there are certain colors that are popular and practical. The most picked leather by bloggers and celebrities is orange (usually in part suede and part leather), then there is black, beige/white, brown and grey.

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Chloe Elle Shoulder Bag

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I know, the Chloe Drew Shoulder Bags are cool, but please ‘do not stop looking’ or you will be missing a whole lot of pretty little things.

Presenting the Chloe Elle Shoulder Bag – it’s a two in one hit. And it’s a new way of carrying your shoulder bag, it’s a new trend and we’ve seen other designer brands like Fendi already doing it.

First, it’s Chloe – the fashion brand that knows exactly how to blend elegance and casual together. So keep the spotlight on because its nonchalant charm comes from the super smooth lambskin leather. Touch it to feel the luxury; accented with golden hardware, it comes with a dainty chain strap.

The front flap has a function – when you do not want to carry it on your shoulder, change it, instantly, into a clutch bag (perhaps for the evenings). And it’s so easy to carry, make us of the center strap, slide your hand into it and flaunt it all the way to Tokyo.

Then we haven’t even mentioned about the size, it’s both practical and compact thanks the snapped sides for adjustable width – featuring an internal slot pocket and a large compartment to store your essentials. Measuring 6’ x 10’ x 3,5’ (H x W x D).


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