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A few years ago, then Creative Director of Gucci, Frida Giannini, designed the Jackie Soft shoulder bag which first came out in pink, mustard, and sky blue. I loved the pink version, although it was not a bag that I carried often because I worry about getting it dirty. But each time I take the bag out, I remember how much I love the style. It is a flap satchel secured by the Gucci signature piston lock. Inside, there are a few compartments which come in handy especially if you’re like me– a pack rat


Shirt: H&M // Skirt: MSGM // Bag: Gucci // Shoes: Giambattista Valli


The Jackie Soft has since undergone a few evolutions, with the straps becoming detachable so that you can also carry the bag as a clutch. Sadly during my last visit to Gucci, I no longer saw the bag. I was hoping to buy a black version of it (I know, I am becoming a black bag kinda lady). In the bag’s place were mostly the latest offerings of Alessandro Michele, the brand’s new (well it has been a few seasons now) Creative Director.

The Dionysus, which was carried by almost every other fashionista on instagram and during fashion weeks:


To be honest, this bag has not yet won me over to the point of my wanting to go into a boutique and buying one (and hah, it’s quite pricey too for a non- leather bag at £2,270). Also because I found the bag too big. But there is a bag that I’ve been liking, although it doesn’t have that same compartment configuration as the my old Jackie Soft satchel. The Gucci Padlock GG Supreme Tian Bag in the smaller size (priced at £925) is really so pretty in person.


According to Gucci, this Tian print canvas is patterned after a contemporary floral motif that was inspired by Chinese landscapes printed on  18th century tapestries and screens. Problem is, the bag is just a tad too heavy with the chain strap, which is not detachable. But *sigh*, the bag is real pretty though.

I’m still holding out on something special for the 2nd half of this year. Could the bag come from Gucci? Let’s see


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Really Big Rings: Circle Embellishments are the Bag World’s Subtlest New Trend

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14 / 15

Stella McCartney Medium Ring Bucket Bag


15 / 15

The Row Classic 5 Tote


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You love reading books? You are a bit nerdy but love fashion? Perhaps it’s time to match a bag to your personality and perhaps its time to let the world know. Carry the Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Book Bag is a good start.

There is no need to introduce the Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Bag Collection, but the book-inspired version is fresh and notable. But here’s what you need to know…

Like in all Dolce Bags, the center is adorned with the classic Dolce & Gabbana lock as well as a mini lady-like flower. It’s just beautiful.

The bag is made with a top handle as well as a leather strap for shoulder carry. But the strap can be removed anytime. Now here is what this bag is all about, the ridged book details in bold hues are going to help you start conversation everywhere. People will be amazed by this bag, and it’s from D&G!

Take a look at the bright-colored books, what do you read? Sicilia IV (representing a famous region in Italy), Dolce & Gabbana, Opere Liriche (operas), Flori (Flower), Teatro (theather), Arte (Art).

The interior is made with one large compartment and a slot pocket. Measuring 6’ x 7.5’ x 3’ inches, priced at $8145 USD, €8025 euro, $12500 AUD, $60000 HKD, ¥720000 JPY.





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Bag Review: The Chanel Denim Classic Bag for FW2016

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Everytime I say to myself that I’m done with Chanel bags, I find myself eating those very words. This coming September 2016, Chanel is releasing this beautiful denim quited bag.
Chanel denim fw2016/17

Many of you might say that denim is not worth the purchase because of the little difference in price compared to that of the same bag in leather. I say this– when you want to buy a bag that you reaaaaallly like, don’t bother with the comparisons in price anymore. If you are dead set on a specific bag and are having sleepless nights because you can’t call the bag yours just yet, then the only decision left is when the purchase is going to happen lol.

The bag is made from denim. It is a gorgeous bag. And you don’t have to worry about color transfers and scratches. And it’s Chanel. Need I convince you more? 

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Mulberry Small Darley Satchel

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You’re big on colour, you like your bags small yet functional, and you’re definitely looking for something new that you can use throughout the festive season from Christmas all the way to the Chinese Lunar New Year. Well, look no further till you check out Mulberry’s new Small Darley Satchel that measures just 17 cm across by 12.5 cm in height. Made up of grained leather (my favourite kind too) that’s also leather-lined on the inside, what you see above are but 4 of the 6 different colours available in all, from Fiery Red and Grass Green to Macaroon Pink and Porcelain Blue.

Made available with a long sling, here’s something else I like about it. Unlike most bags where you can’t remove the sling if you don’t need it, the Small Darley Satchel allows you to remove it completely and use the bag like a clutch. Or go one up and swap it for another strap that you might have, since that’s a big thing now to do as well.

Priced at GBP635 (or around SGD1118 after conversion), the price also includes duties and taxes, and if you were to shop online at Mulberry from now till 28 November 2016, international shipping is free too. In other words, cute bag, great colours, no additional taxes to pay and with shipping thrown in, what else can you ask for, right?

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12 Shearling Bags Under $1,000 to Add Some Texture to Your Wardrobe Without Busting Your Budget

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