FP Classy Sassy Set and FP Collection Bryn Marr Sandal
Lais Ribeiro wears FP Classy Sassy Set and FP Collection Bryn Marr Sandal

Spring is just around the corner, and Free People welcomes the season with a trend guide focusing on pants. Who needs dresses or skirts when trousers have so many varieties? Models Catherine McNeil, Aamito Lagum, Soo Joo Park, Lais Ribeiro, Larsen Thompson and Brionka Halbert appear in the lookbook. From flowy shapes to wide legs and prints, make a statement in one of these styles. Discover some of the key looks below as well as the video directed by Jason Lee Parry.


Intimately Free People Prairie Days Tiny Top, Free People Hop To It Maxi Jumper and FP Collection Jackson Sneaker
Aamito Lagum wears Intimately Free People Prairie Days Tiny Top, Free People Hop To It Maxi Jumper and FP Collection Jackson Sneaker
Free People The Abby Suit and Jeffery Campbell Infinity Heel Boot
Larsen Thompson wears Free People The Abby Suit and Jeffery Campbell Infinity Heel Boot
Free People Dream Big Jumpsuit and Schutz Jules Platform Menswear Loafer
Brionka Halbert wears Free People Dream Big Jumpsuit and Schutz Jules Platform Menswear Loafer
Free People Oversized Knit Quilted Jacket, We The Free Clare Tee, Free People Everyday Chambray Pull-On Pants and Jeffrey Campbell x Free People Sidecar Sport Wedge
Soo Joo Park wears Free People Oversized Knit Quilted Jacket, We The Free Clare Tee, Free People Everyday Chambray Pull-On Pants and Jeffrey Campbell x Free People Sidecar Sport Wedge
We The Free Daisy Chain Tee, Free People Wide Yoke Pull On Pant and FP Collection Bryn Marr Wrap Sandal
Catherine McNeil wears We The Free Daisy Chain Tee, Free People Wide Yoke Pull On Pant and FP Collection Bryn Marr Wrap Sandal

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Ming Xi On OK! China January 2017 CoverMing Xi On OK! China January 2017 Cover

Landing the January 2017 cover of OK! China, leading model Ming Xi shows off new season denim. The Chinese beauty wears an embroidered denim jacket with a leather choker necklace. In the accompanying spread, Ming poses for Liǔ Zōngyuán in the glossy studio shots. Stylist Kell Hsu selects a mix of tailored blazers, ripped denim and statement jewelry. For beauty, Hè Zhìguó worked on hair with makeup by Wáng Yìwèi.


Ming Xi models embroidered denim jacket and jeansMing Xi models embroidered denim jacket and jeansModel Ming Xi wears denim shirt, leather jacket and zippered pantsModel Ming Xi wears denim shirt, leather jacket and zippered pantsGetting her closeup, Ming Xi wears embellished denim jacket and shirtGetting her closeup, Ming Xi wears embellished denim jacket and shirtMing Xi models denim coat and red drop earringsMing Xi models denim coat and red drop earringsMing Xi wears white blazer, striped shirt and lace-up jeansMing Xi wears white blazer, striped shirt and lace-up jeans


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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stars in Paige Denim's spring-summer 2017 campaign
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stars in Paige Denim’s spring-summer 2017 campaign

Top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley returns for her fifth season as the face of PAIGE Denim. The British beauty appears in the jean label’s spring-summer 2017 campaign. Appearing in sun-drenched images, Rosie looks super chic in the new season styles. From leather pants to breezy blouses and retro inspired denim, PAIGE serves bohemian vibes. Discover more from the spring campaign below!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes topless in Paige Denim's spring 2017 campaign
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes topless in Paige Denim’s spring 2017 campaign
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley poses in Paige Denim's spring 2017 advertising campaign
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley poses in Paige Denim’s spring 2017 advertising campaign
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley poses in Paige Denim’s Hazelle jumpsuit
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley poses in Paige Denim’s Hazelle jumpsuit

Shop Paige Denim at Nordstrom:

PAIGE Carine Leather Pants
Flaunt your figure in these – PAIGE Carine Leather Pants
PAIGE Julia Straight Leg Jeans (James)
These straight jeans feature distressed edges – PAIGE Julia Straight Leg Jeans (James)
PAIGE Verdugo Embellished Ankle Ultra Skinny Jeans (Noir Studded Heart)
Bring on the decoration – PAIGE Verdugo Embellished Ankle Ultra Skinny Jeans (Noir Studded Heart)
PAIGE Vintage Julia High Rise Straight Leg Jeans (Felice)
Take on a retro vibe – PAIGE Vintage Julia High Rise Straight Leg Jeans (Felice)

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Photo: Inez and Vinoodh/Lane Bryant

On a sunny morning last May, Christian Siriano filled a runway with the who's-who of the body positivity movement — supermodels Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine, as well as bloggers Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason — to celebrate his debut collaboration with Lane Bryant. The collection garnered rave reviews, and the plus-size retailer debuted its second collection with Siriano in September. The partnership clearly hit a nerve industry-wide, from the shoppers themselves enthused by the designs to the broader body image activism that swept 2016. But one thing Siriano mentioned last spring was that, with the success of his Lane Bryant collection, he hopes to motivate other designers to join him. "I think there will be new designers that will also embrace this," he then told Fashionista. "I'm sure there will be some coming out of the woodwork soon that you would never imagine."

Siriano, of course, was right: The retailer announced in July that Prabal Gurung would be up next, with a 12-piece limited-edition line, fronted by Graham, due out in 180 stores and come March. Gurung himself is no stranger to collaborations, linking up with Target, Toms and even Pokémon in the last four years. This time, as he told Vogue's Lynn Yaeger in the magazine's March issue, is special. "For the longest time, 'plus-size' was put on the back burner," he said, explaining his sensitivity to issues of diversity. (Which, for the record, came well-documented at his Fall 2017 runway show on Sunday.) "It was like, 'You can't sit with us — you're not glamorous!'" Gurung, who was born in Singapore and raised in Nepal, has never seen it that way, telling Yaeger he understands "what it feels like to not be represented in the culture."

The Lane Bryant lightbulb first went off about a year and a half ago, while in a taxi the night of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show when he passed a billboard for Lane Bryant's "I'm No Angel" campaign. "At that moment, I knew it made sense to have the conversation with Lane Bryant," he told Yaeger. "Fashion gave me a platform to talk about these things — how was I going to use it?"

Enter Graham, who has worked with Lane Bryant since she was 13: In the 15-odd months since she appeared in that controversial "I'm No Angel" campaign, Graham's career has absolutely exploded to include, for one, covers of Sports Illustrated, British Vogue and, this month, the almighty spring fashion issue of U.S. Vogue. "I could see there was something in his eyes — an intention," she said of the minute she met Gurung. "You could just tell he wanted to change the way people look at beauty."

Per Vogue, the clothing itself is exquisite, with Yaeger writing that it challenges the "outmoded and frankly dumb assumption that it is impossible to make beautiful clothes for curvier customers." Pieces feature nipped-in waists and horizontal stripes, and include every woman's dream cropped biker jacket; Gurung's favorite, he said, is "a chunky knit, a great trench for layering, and a sexy-yet-sophisticated jumpsuit to go from day to night." His bottom line was the same, see: "We designed for the same woman we always design for."

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Sara Sampaio stars in Cosmopolitan's March issue
Sara Sampaio stars in Cosmopolitan’s March issue

Sara Sampaio turns up the glam factor in the March 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Photographed by Carter Smith, the Victoria’s Secret Angel shows off a super luxe beauty routine. From microneedling to moisturizing, Sara displays ways to get better skin. For beauty, Serge Normant works on her tousled hair with makeup by Dotti.


Washing her face, Sara Sampaio shows off a skincare routine
Washing her face, Sara Sampaio shows off a skincare routine
Sara Sampaio uses a gold microneedle roller in this shot
Sara Sampaio uses a gold microneedle roller in this shot
Looking refreshed, Sara Sampaio poses in a lace-trimmed top
Looking refreshed, Sara Sampaio poses in a lace-trimmed Carine Gilson slip

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Josephine Skriver has what it takes to be a Victoria's Secret Angel in her DNA — not just because she's incredibly gorgeous, but also because there is probably an honest-to-god invisible halo resting above her head. After spending just under a half hour with her, you get the impression she's never said anything mean or egotistical in her life. A real-life Angel! But if you ask Skriver what it's like to don those wings — an honor she nabbed a year ago — she can't quite believe it's happening to her. "Still, somehow, every day it's like, 'There's no way it's real!' she says. "You have to keep reminding yourself, you're doing this! You're earning your spot here, you worked so hard."

From just about anyone else, this might read as false modesty, but coming from Skriver, it's completely genuine. Despite the fact that she had been doing back-to-back interviews at Victoria's Secret's Fifth Avenue flagship on a blustery winter day, her infectious smile and charm never wavered. It's no wonder the Danish supermodel has a growing and dedicated fanbase, self-dubbed her "Subskrivers," who follow her every move on social media and look to her for advice. "Honestly, it's such an honor. The fact that people look at me as a role model, it pushes me to be constantly better and constantly be positive," she says. "I'm creating this little Subskriver army who's spreading my message now, and it's really cool having my fanbase because I always try to keep it positive, and they become really positive, too."

Skriver genuinely loves her fans, and like other Angels, she's using her platform to promote messages that are important to her. She started the hashtag #ImBeautiful, which her Subskrivers can use to send selfies and photos of themselves to promote body positivity. The cause closest to her heart, however, is fighting for LGBQT equality. Skriver was raised by two sets of gay parents, something she didn't realize made her different until she started to travel and moved to the U.S. She clearly feels passionately about the deeply-personal topic. "I just thought if I told my story, people would be aware that it's just as simple as having a split up family with a mom and dad," she explains. "It's very rare you meet that family that has a mom, a dad, two kids, a white picket fence and a dog anymore." 

"I think I wanted to challenge the concept of families," she continues. "I hope that by telling my story, there will be more openness to something, because I do believe if people knew better, they would do better, and I think there would be a different acceptance." 

By talking about her family, she hopes her fans will understand that kids who come from non-nuclear families aren't actually that different at all. "Family is love, and family are who you choose in your heart to be," she says. "I look at my family and it's like one big collage stuck up on a wall, and we all created a heart together, because I love them and I choose to love them."

Josephine Skriver at a Valentine's Day event held at Victoria's Secret's 5th Avenue Flagship. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Josephine Skriver at a Valentine's Day event held at Victoria's Secret's 5th Avenue Flagship. 

Of course, last year she added 13 sisters to that family collage. The best part of becoming a member of the Victoria's Secret team was getting to be a part of that camaraderie, a feeling shared by so many Angels before her. They work out together, they borrow each other's clothes, they travel together, and they get to walk the biggest runway of their lives together each year at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Skriver was no rookie for this year's catwalk in Paris, but it was her first time donning wings and opening a segment, which is a big honor. "I've always had fun but this really hit me, it was like living my dream," she says. "I started crying after I came out! It was like, 'Jo keep yourself together!'"

Being a Victoria's Secret Angel has been Skriver's dream since seeing fellow Danish beauty Helena Christensen model lingerie on a cloud in a '90s ad for the brand. Despite the criticism the brand receives, Skriver believes that being a part of that legacy is empowering to herself and to women everywhere. "I never thought they were selling to men, I always felt it was one of those underwear companies that was selling to us. I wanted to sell it and I wanted to be a part of it because they were emphasizing this strong, powerful and sexy woman," she says. "I've been such a feminist my whole life, so it's been cool to be like, 'Yea, a girl's body is a girl's body!' It doesn't have to be something you guys make it into."

Getting the call obviously changed her life. "That was exactly like Oprah pointing at me like, you became an Angel!" she says laughing. It's even impacted her high-fashion career. Skriver used to hit the runway circuit pretty hard, but had seen call-backs slow. It's funny how becoming an Angel — and growing that massive social media following that often comes with it — can bring them all running back. "All of a sudden, they want you back because you're coming back as you with a name and not just a hanger on a rack," she says. "You're a person, you get to be you, you're not just selling a brand, but you're selling you with their brand, which is really cool. You become a brand yourself, which is such a crazy feeling." 

Now, Skriver appears in campaigns and walks runways for the likes of Balmain, Fendi and Oscar de la Renta, in addition to covering international magazines. If she doesn't want to walk, she can sit front row at the shows with other celebrities. And it's only been a year. "You wake up, and one day they call you a supermodel. You're like, 'Wait, what just happened? I'm still tiny me!'" she says. "But you get the wings on, and it puts you in such a next level, and it's been going quickly ever since."

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